My law office in Berlin-Kreuzberg is specialized in the law of welfare benefits, that is to say all cases connected with ALG I and II, „Hartz IV“ - welfare benefits owed to people who have lost their jobs – as well as public welfare for poor people („Sozialhilfe“), whether Germans or Non-Germans. This also includes public health insurance, workmen's compensation, social security(pensions), nursing care insurance, and all connected fields: family benefits for parents (married or unmarried) and children, housing allowances, financial help for students (BAföG), and protection of handicapped persons. I can advise you on all legal questions and also assist you in proceedings with the competent agencies as well as before the courts. I can act for you in the whole of Germany.

I have specialized in these fields because it is a matter of importance to me to help persons affected by the reduction of public welfare benefits. This means giving you a realistic assessment of your prospects of success in realizing your interests.

I can gladly give you my advice in English.