Fields of Law

Unemployment Benefits

Legal disputes in cases of ALG I and II, „Hartz IV“ - welfare benefits owed to people who have lost their jobs – as well as public welfare for poor people („Sozialhilfe“) are often unavoidable. The Jobcenters make a lot of legal mistakes esp. in the field of „Hartz IV“, where it is worthwhile to start legal proceedings. The rate of success in this field is above average.

Pensions Law

Although pensions benefits have been reduced, you should make full use of the remaining possibilities for disability and old age pensions and provision for dependents. It is important to insist on having pension-relevant times acknowledged, esp. if you have worked in a foreign country.

Law of health and accident insurance and protection of handicapped persons

The institutions for health, accident and nursing care insurance continually try to reduce benefit payments. This will also have consequences in the field of the protection of handicapped persons. I can gladly advise in these fields so that benefit reductions do not occur to your disadvantage.

Family benefits

Family benefits for parents (married or unmarried) and children, housing allowances, financial help for students (BAföG) and other forms of help for children and young people are also affected by reductions. If you are entitled to such benefits, I can gladly help you to enforce your claims against the relevant institutions including the tax authorities.